On October 9th, 2011, the Diabetes Dance Marathon club had its first ever speaker!  We had Mr. Ignaszak come and talk to our Fundraising and Advertisement Committees about new ideas for raising money and marketing strategies.  Mr. Linken's came by the meeting too and offered some advice on targeting audiences.  We are now thinking about opening the event to the older generation to show those who don't already know how to have a healthier lifestyle.  At the BIG EVENT there would be a few hours after all Dancers and Dance Captains were dropped off to have options to activities.  Among these might be an introduction to the Fitness Room in the high school as well as a introduction to stress relief, which can not only cause Adult-Onset Diabetes but also many other diseases.  And don't worry Dancers- mom and dad won't be around to embarrass you!  Dancers will most likely be in the auditorium at the beginning of the event, then move on over to the Gym to PART-AY!  

Here are some pictures from the meeting:

A few of our members on Advertising, Finance, and Fundraising:

Our Group Photo!


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