Written by: Tara Byrne
   Tim Beyer, Kelly Jahn, Emily Byrne, Hannah Broschart, and I sold 120 water bottles and collected many generous donations at the Warwick Valley Farmer's Market.  Our first fundraiser was a big success!  It turned out to be a pretty hot day, so water sold quickly and ice melted just as fast.  

   After we sold all of our water bottles, Emily Byrne thought up the idea to use the ice tub as a cool foot bath.  This turned out to be quite a spectacle to the passer-byers, so the foot bath slowly turned into friendly rivalry.  Emily and Hannah both plunged their feet into the icy water, and the competition began!  Warwickians picking up their pies and fruit stopped to cheer our fundraising team on.  Hannah Broschart beat just about everyone.  If you'd like to see the competition, here is a picture.

   A lot of really great people at the Farmer's Market helped make it possible, like Kate Eicher and Mrs. Soleau who donated the ice.  A few friendly vendors were also kind enough to come over and support us.  We even got some free cotton candy from the tent next door!  If any of these people are reading this blog's first post, then thank you so much!  We hope to have many other fundraisers as successful as this one.

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